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Design Services

 Arcadia is proud to be able to offer the following services to its customers:
  • Design Experience
    Our design experience has come mainly through working for private clients in the development of their gardens. We prefer traditional garden design in that plants are considered to be an important element of most gardens. However, we have produced designs that are more contemporary and have an empathy with the minimalist style.
    To see a collection of our designs, as produced for customers in the past, please look at the design pages in the Portfolio Section.

  • Design Process
    The design process entails:
    • Site survey to determine the scale and characteristics of the project space.
    • Definition of the design objectives, outline requirements and constraints.
    • Formulation of outline design proposals.
    • Discussion of options and definition of detailed requirements.
    • Detailed design preparation including outline costings.
    • Design presentation and approval.
    • Costing and quotation.

    The design process does not end at this point in that it is important to keep an open mind during the construction phase of the project. Design changes normally relate to points of detail but these can be critical to achieving the required solution.

  • Design Software
    We have employed a number of different presentation styles and media in the design process over the years. We currently use a combination of hand-drawn sketches, photograph overlays, trial layouts and computer generated designs using the latest software packages from Garden Graphics. The latter has the advantage of change flexibility. The package includes both quotation and work instruction software.

  • Consultancy
    Arcadia landscape also offers a consultancy service, allowing our customers to take advantage of our many years of experience in the field of garden design.

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